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Food for your Body, Mind and Soul

Helping people finding their own path to lasting happiness and a joyful, healthy life is our mission at Samadhi Lodge. We do so by taking care of your souls and bodies. 

The human being, as all living organisms, is a holistic creature. A variety of areas in our life all sum up to our health & wellbeing. Clean and nourishing foods, exercice but also connection to nature, emotional expression, fulfilling relationships and career, creativity & spirituality and more are some of these important areas. At Samadhi Lodge we help you to reconnect to your inner being, to work on the connection to nature and the universe, to release stress and some of your emotional bloquages. For a clear and clean body, a clear and clean mind, a clear and clean heart !

The maximum group size is 4/5 guests allowing us to adapt to all levels, different needs and expectations, keeping the atmoshere homely and cozy, favorising exchange and conviviality.

Our aim is to make you feel part of our family & community sharing our passion for a healthy, conscious lifestyle, in harmony with nature, the elements and the principles of the yogic philosophy, spreading love and kindness, promoting compassion and a feeling of connection to the world and the universe surrounding us.

The host

Claudia grew up in Austria with an international background and moved to Paris after graduating where she lived and worked in finance, real estate and tourism for many years. 

A few years ago she was going through a major life crisis and was, at the same time, diagnosed with Candida overgrowth, a severe imbalance of the gut bacteria that had affected her general health for years. After a period of profound internal transformation and a strict detox diet, she felt like a new person and decided to change her life radically to one more in alignment with her inner self and purpose, close to nature and the elements.

She trained as  a yoga teacher, deepened her plant based cooking skills, quit her job and moved with her daughter to the South of Spain to open her own private paradise : Samadhi Lodge!

Since then she hosts people from all over Europe and the world on her yoga, hiking, healthy living and detox retreats.

Passionate about spreading the message of the benefits of a healthy and conscious lifestyle Claudia wanted to take it further by accompanying people as a detox and health coach for a more sustainable change and improvement of their lifestyles after their retreats.  


After having trained as an Integrative Health and Nutrition coach at NY based Institute for Integrative Nutrition*, where she learned from some of the world’s experts in nutrition and integrative (holistic) health she further studied NLP, neuropsychology, detox techniques, gut health, childhood trauma healing and codependency counselling.

Noticing there was a big need for support for women often stuck in toxic lifestyle, unhealthy relationships and stress related health issues she felt compelled to help them truly heal and experience the immense joy of a balanced, healthy and happy life.

To learn more about Claudia health coaching activities and book your first free appointment, check out her website Samadhi Health.

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