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Because a healthy and happy mind & body starts on the plate, nourishing, natural and tasty food is a priority for us.

Our meals are sometimes vegetarian but mostly plant-based, gluten and sugar-free, with special attention to gut health. Due to the small group size, we can also cater to other dietary requirements. Please specify at booking.



We love breakfast ! Enjoy our homemade sugarfree superfood granola in a smoothiebowl topped with the freshest selection of local tropical fruits, lemon or orange juice from the garden, guacamole from our own produce, the nicest spanish tomatoes, local cheese and sometimes cashew cheese or other delicacies, bread, jams and local honey.





We love being creative in the kitchen and help the yummy local veggies to shine on your plates! We do so by using a large selection of spices, condiments, magic ingredients and our inspirations from all over the world ! Our meals are generally composed of a delicious healthy gourmet main course and a dessert (mostly sugar and gluten free and incredibly yummy:)).



We like proving the legend that "Healthy food is boring" wrong! On the contrary: we are convinced that once you taste real, authentic, fresh food prepared with love, the unhealthy counter parts will loose most of their power ! 
But its not about perfection but the overall intention of nurturing your body and soul the best you can.
Food is pleasure and even better when shared - as we love doing it at Samadhi Lodge !


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