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Take a day trip, breathe and transform

Implementing proactive wellness programs for your employees has a wide range of benefits:

• Increases productivity by reducing stress
• Reduces absenteeism as a result of improvement in general health
• Reduces medical costs
• Increases employee loyalty
• Improves teamwork and inter-colleague relationships
• Brings positivity into your company improving overall work atmosphere 


Stress, insomnia, burn out, but also physical problems as back pain, migraine,  and overall bad health are common health issues especially in the management and highly effective employees circles. Often medication is used to relieve the symptoms resulting in intoxicating the body even more and, in the long term, worsening the situation. Still not widely known, but there exist easy and natural ways to relieve pain and stress as breath work and meditation. Yoga has been proven in this last decades to be one of the most complete forms of exercice:

  • directly influencing the autonomic nervous system and thus the stress response of the body,

  • unlike other sport activites, protecting your joints

  • working on a balance of stretching & strengthening the bodies tissues at the same time 


Back pain, stiffness, emotional bloquages are easily addressed by a regular practice.


We offer day/half day retreats as incentives, teambuilding activites, for director's circles, management meetings or works council trips. 

We use our competences as  trained 500h yoga teacher and integrative health and nutrition coach to improve your employees health and well being.

A variety of workshops can be combined with yoga classes, breathing exercices, individual coaching & massage session and delicious homemade plant based lunch menu.

We offer the following workshops (2 h each):

  • Stress & time management and the importance of self care: natural tools to escape the fight and flight modus and prevent burn out

  • Learn how to meditate and become more efficient in any area of your life

  • Improve your sleep - improve your life

  • Yoga for backpain (includes 1 h yin yoga session)

  • How our body stores blocked emotions and how to release them (includes 1 h yin yoga session)

  • Healthy nutrition and the benefits for body, mind and soul 

  • Cooking plant based meals that will impress the biggest meat eater

  • How to read and understand nutrition labels and proceed to a pantry make-over, the truth about protein, carbs and fat intake

Participants learn about crucial, often life changing techniques and enjoy at the same time the beauty and serenity of the lodge's surroundings, fully immersed in nature, with birds and krickets as a soundtrack and impressive mountain scenery and lush fruit plantation as background. A super healthy, nutritious gourmet lunch meal (main + dessert) will be served and, if they wish, they can use the pool to even destress and relax more. 

Group sizes are generally small (maximum 12). We also offer individual fully personalised coaching day/half day retreats with a tailor made program (contact us for a free offer.)

Here are some sample day retreat offers (can be adapted to your needs)

10 am : arrival and welcome detox drink

10:30 am : 1h yoga session (vinyasa or hatha)

11:45 am  : 2 h workshop

14:00 am : super healthy gourmet lunch menu (main + dessert) and break

15:30 - 18:30 indivual massage sessions and coaching sessions (duration adapted to number of participants).

Find below some of our packages:

But many other possibilities exist ! Contact us for your personal, unique offer!

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